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14-Bohemian Grove



Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove

in Northern California Exposed!

Alex Jones Tells His Story

Austin, Texas -- Last July, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove, becoming the first person to capture the bizarre occult activities of the all-male elite club membership on videotape. This footage recently aired in England, Ireland and Scotland on UK Channel Four as Part Three of a four-part special: The Secret Rulers of the World.

Alex Jones was inside the 2,700 acre elite compound for over five hours, and states, "Thank God I caught the whole thing on videotape because no one would believe me if I hadn’t. I have trouble believing what I witnessed with my own two eyes. It was actually that bizarre."

For over 128 years, world leaders have traveled to Sonoma County California in the month of July. Almost immediately, bizarre rumors began to circulate in the local press that something dark and occult was going on. The rumors entailed dark stories of men in black and red robes and a giant 40-foot stone owl, to which something, or someone was being sacrificed.

Alex Jones, being a radio talk-show host had heard the rumors many times, so he decided to look into it and did some research. To his surprise, mainstream media articles from Parade Magazine, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Sacramento Bee, and the Washington Times confirmed the incredible. World leaders were traveling yearly to the rural redwood-covered hills of Northern California and photos actually existed of the giant stone owl and the men in black and red robes.

"I was angered," Jones said, "that in over 50 years there had been only a handful of news stories written on Bohemian Grove, and that these stories calmly reported on the rumors and engaged in a whitewash, thus hiding a giant story in plain view."

Reading about all the law enforcement and Secret Service protecting the Grove’s mysteries every July, Jones took the challenge of Jon Ronson of World of Wonder Productions to "blow Bohemian Grove wide-open with his hidden cameras."

After traveling from Austin, Texas to San Francisco, Jones and the other members of his team, Violet Nichols and Mike Hanson, met up with the British filmmakers and began a three-day investigation before attempting to enter the Grove.

On July 15, 2000, Alex Jones and Mike Hanson, equipped with two hidden video cameras and disguised as members of the Bohemian Club successfully infiltrated the elite cult compound.

One of the most commonly asked questions is: How did they get in?

Following is a transcript of a taped interview with Alex Jones, who describes his infiltration of the super-secret elitist camp and what he witnessed inside:

"The Bohemian Club lies within a range of large hills and cliffs with 300-400 ft. drops. The club itself consists of large log cabin-style homes built into the gorge walls.

There is only one entrance on the north side of the compound, which is a paved road, appropriately named "Bohemian Avenue."

A low barbed-wire fence surrounds the entire perimeter of the club, but the fence doesn’t matter because there is only one place where the hills come together, leaving an opening traversable by foot or car. Simply stated, the Bohemian Grove is a walled city.

After being dropped off near the Bohemian Club, we inserted ourselves into the woods about 100 yards from the main entrance. After going over the barbed wire fence, we found ourselves in what can only be described as a moat. The entire area along the road to the foot of the cliff walls had been dug out and flooded.

We were able to make our way across the expansive swamp by jumping from broken tree limbs and other debris.

After climbing up a steep embankment, pulling our way up by gripping on tree roots, we found ourselves in a large parking lot, with hundreds of cars. We saw several dozen Bohemian Club employees/servants getting out of the vehicles, which were everything from Mercedes-Benz to Ford Tempos.

At about 100 yards through the trees, we saw a much larger parking lot, filled with more late-model, luxury-style cars. Obviously, this was the parking area of the actual 2,000 members of the Bohemian Club.

When you come in on the main road, the moat, the swamp and the embankment are off to the right (off to the west) just 50 yards of so. By going across the swamp or moat, we made our way past the first two checkpoints, which consisted of a small guard shack on the left-hand side of the road and another 50 yards down the road another guard shack on the right-hand side of the road.

It’s a good thing that we decided to sneak around the first two checkpoints, by entering through the Bohemian Grove employee parking lot, because the real checkpoints lie deeper inside the Grove. There was a checkpoint in the middle of the road (a large guard shack with several dozen security people) and then guard shacks on the left and right sides of the road, which were kind of like the German-style checkpoints you see in old war films.

I told Mike I thought it would be a good idea if we tried to get on one of the large trucks (the flat-back open trucks that had padded seats that were actually picking up members of the Bohemian Club as well as the employees). So, we went ahead and walked through the woods to the Bohemian Club member parking area and waited for one of the large trucks to pull up, at which time myself and Mike Hanson climbed onto the back with two older gentlemen.

Mike and myself made small-talk conversation as we got onto the black-top road and drove deeper into the Grove, now approaching these larger checkpoints. In the two or three minutes that we were on board the truck, we caught an interesting conversation on tape, as two of the members discussed the prices of their ceremonial robes (all of that is in my video, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove).

Our first close call happened as we neared the main checkpoint. The truck actually stopped, at which time an older, gray-haired man made eye contact with the driver of the truck and walked around the back of the truck to stare myself and Mike Hanson right in the eye. Obviously, he was afraid that we might be guests of the two older gentlemen we were riding in with in the truck (as Bohemian Club members are allowed to bring guests) so he didn’t ask us who we were or what we were doing. The guards went ahead and waved us on with a look of suspicion.

Then we were actually inside the Bohemian Grove. We had heard all of the bizarre rumors and were about to find out what was really going on inside. The mystery was getting closer to being solved.

The truck drove in for several more minutes and stopped at which time we off-loaded. I told Mike that I wanted to get to cover. It took us about 45 minutes to an hour to walk all the way through to the bottom of the gorge, at which point the road actually ended and a cars could no longer drive on it, as it turned into a concrete-paved, blacktop foot-path.

We reached the end of the gorge, which is an observation deck at the top of a 300-foot cliff overlooking the Russian River and the small town of Monte Rio on the other side. It was my plan to have the least amount of contact with the Bohemian Club members and staff as I could and to wait until nightfall to attempt to get out our hidden cameras and to catch the Cremation of Care ceremony on tape.

At this point, I should digress and go back and say that as we were walking into the Grove we actually came within about ten yards of the 40 foot stone owl that sits to the north side of the small lake. We were only about seven yards away from the black altar that sits at the base of the owl.

So, already at this point we had proven that rumor true: yes there is a giant stone owl – yes there is an altar. As we were walking deeper into the grove, past the lake, we even saw little metal crosses sticking up from the water’s edge. We’ll get to those little metal crosses later.

So, now we had been there about an hour at the observation deck. There was no one around. All of the sudden, there was an older gentleman, about 67-70 years old, wearing a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department uniform coming up the path . We didn’t even see him coming. I believe he was the Sheriff, and he started speaking to us in some kind of code.

He looked at directly at me and said, "Were you here in 1913? Are you one of the old ones?"

Now obviously, I was 27 years old and the man knew I wasn’t around in 1913 and that I wasn’t one of the old ones. Knowing that he was testing me, I just calmly said, "Yeah, I’m with the Hillbillies."

To explain that, there are about 95 different clubs within the Bohemian Club. All the different club houses and log cabin-style mansions that are built into the cliffs have different names and different memberships. The most elite club, according to press reports is Mandaley, with Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Chairman and other New World Order bosses.

The Hillbilly Camp is the camp that the Bushes are members of, along with many other notables in American industry, banking, media and government. At that point he smiled and said, "Well, enjoy the day." He then turned around and walked off.

After he left I said to Mike, "Look, we’ve got to get to a new position and hide ourselves in the woods." So we traveled back into the gorge, off the cliffside and the observation deck. About half-way into the gorge, we noticed that two men in dark suits and sunglasses were following us. I decided to slow down.

The two men ,who were obviously private security, Secret Service or somebody’s private body guards, walked up to us and asked us our names. I gave them my fake name and Mike gave them his fake name, and we told them that we were members of the Hillbilly Club.

They said, "take it easy, don’t stress yourselves out and enjoy yourselves," which was a theme that came up more later. At this point, we had been confronted twice and were now being followed. I told Mike that we had to get into a heavily populated area where a lot of the Grove members were congregating.

So we went into several of the clubs and almost had our identities blown. We went in and had a few drinks, because everyone was drinking copiously and they were offering us wine in some of the clubhouses. We then got back on the road and into a large outdoor feasting area, where hundreds of tables were being set from some party or revelry.

I told Mike we should go up the steep road into the hills where some of the larger structures were located. It took us about 20 minutes to walk up the road into the only hills that were accessible by foot. At that point some of the employees began to ask us why weren’t riding the truck up. We told them that we wanted exercise, at which point they started acting pretty suspicious.

We noticed that high up in the hills many of the large log cabin structures were deserted, with many large outside decks. So we went into the Web Camp and just made ourselves comfortable. (The camps have different names like Lost Boys, Doom, Dragon etc.) We simply sat out the next hour, reloaded our hidden cameras and got them back into place.

By then, the shadows were getting really long and it was just a few minutes until dusk. We started to hear bizarre chanting and singing coming from down below us in the gorge. So we traveled back into the gorge. On our way back down, we saw thousands of men chanting and singing drunkenly beneath the giant redwoods.

It was like something out of a fantasy novel. I expected to see a dragon come hopping by any moment. There were huge skulls hanging down from the floodlights, satanic-styled owls with glowing eyes, (a lot of trappings of death) that we could now see in the twilight illuminated by the large floodlights.

The feasting revelers were beginning to break up and to travel down paths towards the lake. We decided to go ahead and mix in with them and go where they were going. They were going towards the east side of the bank about 100 yards across the north tip of the lake where the idol and altar stood.

As we were walking around the lake, the only black man we saw, a very large man, saw myself and Mike Hanson walking very quickly compared to other members in the crowd (we wanted to get a good place on the east side of the bank to watch the Cremation of Care ritual – all rumors I had heard were now coming true).

He said, "trouble yourselves not! Take it easy! The cares of the world are off your shoulders! You’re not supposed to walk that fast." He then gave us two full-color programs. On the cover of the program, they show Moloch, the big owl, with a burning body enflamed beneath it (the program can be viewed at Also a little demon, with the initials PJ was sweeping up someone’s ashes on the lower left-hand corner of the program (which is also on my film, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove).

Thousands of the men began to gather on the eastern bank, private servants (as opposed to the Bohemian Grove employees, who all wear red shirts and who weren’t allowed to be present for the ritual) began to put out chairs for their elderly employers.

The sun had now sunk behind the hill. It was completely dark and you couldn’t even see the other side of the water. There were bats flying around and a lot of natural fog building on the surface of the water (there is a lot of fog in Northern California).

I mean, if Count Dracula lived in North America, he would like in Sonoma County. This was spooky stuff. The hair on the back of my neck was beginning to stand up at this point.

Then, out of the woods, all of the sudden came thirty priests in black robes, their faces painted up like death, with a man dressed like the Grim Reaper pulling a wagon with a bound body. Then we noticed something that we had seen during the day. Large black canopies had been unfurled out of the trees on the western side of the bank (we’re on the eastern side – only about 70 yards away at that point) and they unfurled those, and the wagon pulled behind it.

The men then began to yell out, "burn him again! He’s going to get what he deserves!

Now, I must digress and say that the reason I was able to see the priest in the black robes, the priest painted-up like death, and the bound body on the back of the wagon, was because they were all carrying torches. The place was pretty illuminated by the torches being carried by the thirty priests in front and the thirty priests behind the wagon.

Probably out of the entire ritual that I witnessed, the most important aspect of the ceremony was what happened first. The wagon went behind these big black sheets hanging out of the trees, down to the ground, obscuring the view, and for about 10 minutes nothing happened.

It was quiet except for the hateful shouts of the old men, who said things like, "Oh yeah! Burn that bastard! Kill him! That’s what he deserves!" All we could hear was them whispering and smacking their lips. This went on and on.

Now on the west side of the bank, (we’re were on the east side, about 50-60 yards away) at the front, about 100 yards away on the north side, is the idol, sitting in darkness. No one was paying attention to that. Everyone was enraptured as they stared across the water at whatever was happening behind those black curtains with that bound body.

Whether it was an effigy or real, we do not know. (This is kind of like the Skull and Bones ritual that the New York Observer caught on tape. They claim that the video shows them slitting the throats of ceremonial effigies.) Is all of this in effigy? We don’t know.

We were all focused at what was going on across the pond. Suddenly the owl was lit up by some flood lights and out ran a hundred priests or so in black, red and green robes. Most of them were in black, some in red and a couple in silver or green robes.

Then, out came the high priest, who went through all his incantations about the dead (who is dead at the Grove in the past, may their spirits be conjured and brought back there by the "great owl"). He praised the owl for about twenty minutes and he talked about "goodly Tyre and Babylon."

(I know how bizarre this all sounds, just remember that we have all of this on tape in my video, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, which has aired nationally in the United Kingdom, and might air here in the United States, unless it is suppressed.)

So, the priest talked about "goodly Tyre and Babylon." Well,, there is only one "great owl" of Babylon and "goodly" Tyre. If you read your Bible, or any historical document of the time, they were burning children in the Babylonian and Caananite kingdoms before the owl-god Moloch.

Suddenly, (again, we had initially been misdirected from the owl by the activities behind the curtains across the bank, then we were paying attention to the owl and the priests on the island ) back on the west bank, there was an old-fashioned river-style boat, with that grim reaper character who had been driving the wagon, and he was poling himself across the water with the bound body up on the bow.

He brought the bound body to the high priest who was waiting for it at the foot of the owl, at the bottom of large circular steps on which the owl sits. Then, in very macabre fashion, the two black-clad priests rubbed and caressed the sacrificial body and brought it before the owl.

The body begged for its life, over a speaker system. They refused it mercy. They took it up onto the altar. The "great owl" told them to burn the body (which they called "dull care,")which looks like a human wrapped up in black cloth. Right above the altar there was a large stone lamp that was burning that they call the "eternal flame." The high priest took an unlit torch and lit his torch with this flame.

The body again begged for mercy. The high priest then walked down (with some difficulty, because this high priest was so old, he could hardly even walk), and lit the pyre on fire. He began to say that he would read the signs in the remains, a deep occult tradition. This is not the Hollywood devil with red pajamas – this is the real deal, Babylon mystery religion-style.

The body continued to scream in pain. Suddenly, all of those little metal crosses that we had seen along the bank during the day burst into flame. So, I was there witnessing something right out of the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Visions of Hell: burning metal crosses, priests in red and black robes with the high priest in a silver robe with a red cape, a burning body screaming in pain, a giant stone great-horned owl, world leaders, bankers, media and the head of academia engaged in these activities. It was total insanity.

So the ritual ended and all the old men started breaking up and going back to the big hall in the giant redwoods. Myself and Mike Hanson high-tailed it out of there, walking at a brisk pace. We encountered no resistance when we left. We walked right by guards and were out on the main road, Bohemian Avenue.

It is a lot easier to get out of the Grove than it is to get in, because a lot of these world leaders that you read about in the news leave the Grove to go into the small town Monte Rio. They go into the bars for prostitutes that are flown in from around the world to service them.

Down the road the British media was waiting to pick us up. They asked us, "Did you get it? Did you get it?"

One of the producers, John Sergeant, said, "You’ve done it Alex! You’ve blown Bohemian Grove right open!"

There is so much more to this story that we don’t have time to get into. I decided to have this interview transcribed and put on my website:

You really need to get the film, or at least look at the photos or the stills of the video on Look at the program there with the burning body and read the mainstream media news stories about the history of the Grove, and you will realize how real all this is.

You need to do this because a week after I got out of the Bohemian Grove, a group called the Bohemian Grove Action Network, (a group that protests the Grove and is against the corruption, elitism and how women are denied access, because the Grove is all-male, of course), contacted different press outlets. I got ten unsolicited media calls from the west coast media.

I gave them the information, and we put the video clips on the web at They all said that the infiltration and what our cameras caught on tape would be a huge story. After that, we never heard from them again.

That shows the power of the Grove. The only places we have been able to get information out about Bohemian Grove has been on talk radio across the country, the Internet, and now across the United Kingdom. Hopefully, they’ve broken the ice abroad by broadcasting this over UK Channel Four and this true story of Bohemian Grove will make it into the mainstream United States media.

This is big news. I’ve done several hundred radio interviews about it and if any media outlet is interested in interviewing me I am happy to do it to spread the news. For everyone out there: just get the video Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove. I encourage people to make copies for non-commercial, educational purposes to wake-up people in your area.

This has really been life changing for me, to go in there and witness this and then have some people spin it, like, "oh, it’s just fraternity fun." These people were deadly serious. This is a story that needs to be told and the establishment is trying to suppress it. Please spread this information to every corner of the world.

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13-Eletronically Hijacking

"Home Run"
Electronically Hijacking
the World Trade Center Attack Aircraft
Copyright Joe Vialls
October 2001 & January 2002
In the mid-seventies America faced a new and escalating crisis, with US commercial jets being hijacked for geopolitical purposes. Determined to gain the upper hand in this new form of aerial warfare, two American multinationals collaborated with the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) on a project designed to facilitate the remote recovery of hijacked American aircraft. Brilliant both in concept and operation, “Home Run” [not its real code name] [*] allowed specialist ground controllers to listen in to cockpit conversations on the target aircraft, then take absolute control of its computerized flight control system by remote means. [* real name = Global Hawk]
From that point onwards, regardless of the wishes of the hijackers or flight deck crew, the hijacked aircraft could be recovered and landed automatically at an airport of choice, with no more difficulty than flying a radio-controlled model plane. The engineers had no idea that almost thirty years after its initial design, Home Run’s top secret computer codes would be broken, and the system used to facilitate direct ground control of the four aircraft used in the high-profile attacks on New York and Washington on 11th September 2001.
Before moving on to the New York and Washington attacks, we first need to look at the ways in which an aircraft is normally controlled by its pilot, because without this basic knowledge, Home Run would make no sense. In order to control an aircraft in three-dimensional space, the pilot uses the control yoke (joystick) in front of him, rudder pedals under his feet, and a bank of engine throttles located at his side. Without engine thrust the aircraft would not fly at all, so the throttles are largely self explanatory: For more speed or altitude increase throttle, for less speed or altitude decrease throttle.
In order to raise or lower the nose of the aircraft, the pilot pulls or pushes on the control yoke, which in turn raises or lowers the elevators on the horizontal tailplane. To bank the aircraft left or right, the pilot moves the control yoke to the left or right, which in turn operates the ailerons on the outer wings. Lastly, to turn left or right at low speed or “balance” turns at high speed, the pilot presses the left or right rudder pedals as required, which in turn move the rudder on the vertical stabilizer.
Back in the early days of flight, the control yoke and rudder pedals were connected to the various flight control surfaces by thin cables, meaning the pilot had direct physical control over every movement the aircraft made. This was no great problem for an average man flying a small biplane, but as aircraft grew ever bigger, heavier and faster over the years, the loadings on the control yoke and rudder pedals became huge, certainly well beyond the ability of a single pilot to handle unaided.
By the late fifties we were well into the age of hydraulics, where just like the power steering on your automobile, hydraulic rams were placed in line between the pilot’s control cables and each individual control surface. Now when the pilot moved the control yoke, the cables activated sensors, which in turn activated one or more hydraulic rams, which in turn moved one or more control surfaces. For the first time since Bleriot and the Wright brothers, pilots were of necessity being steadily distanced from direct control of their own aircraft.
When the multinationals and DARPA finally came on the scene in the mid-seventies, aircraft systems were even more advanced, with computers controlling onboard autopilots, which in turn were capable of controlling all of the onboard hydraulics. In combination these multiple different functions were now known as the “Flight Control System” or FCS, in turn integrated with sophisticated avionics capable of automatically landing the aircraft in zero visibility conditions. In summary, by the mid-seventies most of the large jets were capable of effectively navigating hundreds of miles and then making automatic landings at a selected airport in zero-zero fog conditions. All of this could be accomplished unaided, but in theory at least, still under the watchful eyes of the flight deck crews.
In order to make Home Run truly effective, it had to be completely integrated with all onboard systems, and this could only be accomplished with a new aircraft design, several of which were on the drawing boards at that time. Under cover of extreme secrecy, the multinationals and DARPA went ahead on this basis and built “back doors” into the new computer designs. There were two very obvious hard requirements at this stage, the first a primary control channel for use in taking over the flight control system and flying the aircraft back to an airfield of choice, and secondly a covert audio channel for monitoring flight deck conversations. Once the primary channel was activated, all aircraft functions came under direct ground control, permanently removing the hijackers and pilots from the control loop.
Remember here, this was not a system designed to “undermine” the authority of the flight crews, but was put in place as a “doomsday” device in the event the hijackers started to shoot passengers or crew members, possibly including the pilots. Using the perfectly reasonable assumption that hijackers only carry a limited number of bullets, and many aircraft nowadays carry in excess of 300 passengers, Home Run could be used to fly all of the survivors to a friendly airport for a safe auto landing. So the system started out in life for the very best of reasons, but finally fell prey to security leaks, and eventually to compromised computer codes. In light of recent high-profile CIA and FBI spying trials, these leaks and compromised codes should come as no great surprise to anyone.
Activating the primary Home Run channel proved to be easy. Most readers will have heard of a “transponder”, prominent in most news reports immediately following the attacks on New York and Washington. Technically a transponder is a combined radio transmitter and receiver which operates automatically, in this case relaying data between the four aircraft and air traffic control on the ground. The signals sent provide a unique “identity” for each aircraft, essential in crowded airspace to avoid mid-air collisions, and equally essential for Home Run controllers trying to lock onto the correct aircraft. Once it has located the correct aircraft, Home Run “piggy backs” a data transmission onto the transponder channel and takes direct control from the ground. This explains why none of the aircraft sent a special “I have been hijacked” transponder code, despite multiple activation points on all four aircraft. Because the transponder frequency had already been piggy backed by Home Run, transmission of the special hijack code was rendered impossible. This was the first hard proof that the target aircraft had been hijacked electronically from the ground, rather than by [FBI-inspired] motley crews of Arabs toting penknives.
The Home Run listening device on the flight deck utilizes the cockpit microphones that normally feed the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), one of two black boxes armored to withstand heavy impact and thereby later give investigators significant clues to why the aircraft crashed. However, once hooked into Home Run, the CVRs are bypassed and voice transmissions are no longer recorded on the 30-minute endless loop recording tape. If Home Run is active for more than thirty minutes, there will therefore be no audible data on the Cockpit Voice Recorders. To date, crash investigators have recovered the CVRs from the Pentagon and Pittsburg aircraft, and publicly confirmed that both are completely blank. The only possible reason for this, is data capture by Home Run, providing the final hard proof that the attack aircraft were hijacked electronically from the ground, rather than by “Arab terrorists”.
Many readers might by now be indignant; convinced this is incorrect or misleading information because of “those telephone calls from the hijacked aircraft”. Which telephone calls exactly? There are no records of any such calls, and the emotional claptrap the media fed you in the aftermath of the attack was in all cases third-person. We had the media’s invisible “contact” at an airline who “said” a hostess called to report a hijacking, and we had a priest (?) who “said” he received a call from a man asking him in turn to call his wife and tell her he loved her.
Presumably this man would have had his wife’s name filed in his cellphone, and faced with imminent death would have called her direct. The FAA helped out by claiming that it had “overheard” a heated argument from a cockpit where the radio transmit switch had been left in the “on” position. When push came to shove, the FAA was forced to retract, and admit that the mythical argument was not on the tapes at all.
Critically, the passenger manifests for all four aircraft serve as the final (independent) proof that no alleged hijackers or anyone of Arabic name boarded any of the four aircraft used in the attacks. As Laurence T. May points out:
"On September 11, airline check-in counters were the only places in the United States that required travellers to present a photo ID in order to travel. A photo ID meant (and still means) a card issued by some branch of civil government. Years ago, the United States government took the first step toward a national ID card when it mandated the requirement that all passengers present a photo ID card before being allowed to get on a commercial airplane.
"This means that the tightest security that the typical American ever confronts is airport security. This is the model for all other security systems governing the general public. Let's go through the check-in routine together. Pretend that it's September 11, and you are a check-in agent at either a United Airlines counter or an American Airlines counter. It is your job to ask the standard questions. "Did you pack your own luggage? Have you had it in your possession at all times?" Then you ask for a photo ID. The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket. The photo must match the person presenting the card." …
And, you guessed it, the name on the ID must match that on the passenger manifest held by the airline ground staff! It seems highly likely that these revealing passenger manifests will magically disappear when the American Government realizes the dangers of allowing the public access to such incriminating documents. For that reason I have listed the full manifests on a separate page. To visit that page and copy the lists, click
Whether more information will be forthcoming about Home Run is unknown, but nowadays there are large numbers of people apart from the author privy to the basic data. As long ago as the early nineties, a major European flag carrier acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be “rescued” by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly, this flag carrier completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by Home Run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet.
A casual count indicates that more than 600 aircraft in the USA and elsewhere are still vulnerable and could be used in further attacks at any time, which might help explain why America has been bombing the Afghans primarily with bags of wheat. For the first time in US history, American officials appear to be genuinely fearful of future reprisals, and justifiably so with 600 giant bombs parked on the wrong side of their missile defence shield.
It is a “Catch 22” situation. In order to make all of the aircraft safe, the flight control systems would have to be stripped out and replaced, at a cost of billions of dollars the airlines cannot afford because they are going broke. Nor is there enough time. The most innovative anti-hijacking tool in the American arsenal, has now become the biggest known threat to American national security.
For the purpose of public reassurance I would like to publish a complete list of aircraft which cannot be affected by Home Run, but I cannot do so for legal reasons. Any aircraft manufacturer not on the list might feel inclined to sue me for defamation and I can’t afford that. However, there is nothing to stop me publishing my personal choice of aircraft for a flight from, say, Atlanta to Singapore via JFK, Frankfurt, and Kuala Lumpur.
From Atlanta to JFK I would probably travel on a Boeing 737, and connect with a Boeing 777 for the onward flight to Frankfurt. At Frankfurt I would probably board an Airbus A340 for Kuala Lumpur, and finish the journey on a DC9 or a Fokker 100. Naturally I might be unlucky and pick an aircraft with an intoxicated pilot, or an unrelated mechanical problem, but apart from those minor risks I’d feel pretty safe.
15 October 2001
After this page had been hit on by more than 10,000 curious visitors, the current issue of "Business Week" (22 September) decided to publish an unusual letter, suggesting that the events of the 11th of September would have ended rather differently if there was a capability for Ground Tower Control to "take over the controls of a hijacked plane" (issue still available at any US newsagent).
Remember, the American Federal Government kept Reagan National airport in downtown Washington, DC shut, despite the fact that none of the "hijacked" planes came from there. However, if it were possible to "take over the controls" of a plane, then it would take less than a minute for planes close to DCA airport to be diverted to a target anywhere in the capital. There were just two aircraft types involved on the 11th of September.
Eventually, after much reluctance, the government has now opened up Reagan National airport again, but ONLY for planes with less than 156 seats. Now what kind of planes previously operating happily out of Reagan National will this new "seating" restriction exclude? Hint: Among a few others, the Boeing 757 and 767.
Cynics might be tempted to conclude that, as usual, "important" politicians and bureaucrats are being provided with discreet special protection from Home Run, while everyday Americans are left to take their chances as best they can, and run the continual risk of being shot down by one of their own F16 fighters. Ignorance may be bliss for some folk, but not for those who have studied this page and realized the implications.
18 October 2001
Suddenly, more than five weeks after the attack and for no apparent reason, the most powerful newspaper in the western world published a major article "reinforcing" the myth that physical hijackers were responsible for the attacks on 11 September. No hard facts of course, no corroboration at all, just the usual pathetic series of media "sources", all of them far too "secret" to reveal.
Within hours of this newspaper going to press, television reporters across the entire western world repeated the fiction to their own viewing publics. From London in England to Sydney in Australia, everone woke to this new "proof" that Arabs were the real culprits. Never mind public safety, please believe what we, your trusted and experienced news peddlers, are telling you. To read the propaganda, click
20 January 2002
In his interview with the German daily Tagesspiegel on January 13th, former German Secretary of Defence Andreas Von Buelow made the following statement:
"There is also the theory of one British flight engineer: According to this, the steering of the planes was perhaps taken out of the pilots' hands, from outside. The Americans had developed a method in the 1970s, whereby they could rescue hijacked planes by intervening into the computer piloting [automatic pilot system]. This theory says, this technique was abused in this case ..."
Not quite so much a theory as might first appear. When I released the above report about "Home Run" remote control in October 2001, I mentioned that one European flag carrier was aware of the technology, though at that precise point in time I thought it prudent not to name the actual airline:
"As long ago as the early nineties, a major European flag carrier acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be "rescued" by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly, this flag carrier completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by Home Run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet ..."
The European flag carrier which completely stripped the American flight computers out of its aircraft was Lufthansa, the German national airline. Bearing in mind his former posts as Secretary of Defence and Minister of Science and Technology, Herr Von Buelow would have known all about this mammoth but secretive task.
How very clever (and discreet) of Von Buelow to sort of "drop the information" into the middle of an interview about the 9/11 attacks!
The author is a former member of the Society of Licenced Aeronautical Engineers & Technologist, London

This report may be mirrored or copied unedited in the public interest

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

12-James Casbolt

M-I6 Are the Lords of the Global Drug Trade
Commentary by James Casbolt
Former M-I6 Agent
May 20 / 2006
It may be a revelation to many people that the global drug trade is controlled and run by the intelligence agencies. In this global drug trade British intelligence reigns supreme.
As intelligence insiders know M-I5 and M-I6 control many of the other intelligence agencies in the world (CIA, MOSSAD, etc) in a vast web of intrigue and corruption that has its global power base in the city of London, the square mile.
My name is James Casbolt and I worked for M-I6 in “black ops” cocaine trafficking with the IRA and MOSSAD in London and Brighton between 1995 and 1999. My father Peter Casbolt was also M-I6 and worked with the CIA and mafia in Rome, trafficking cocaine into Britain.
My experience was that the distinctions of all these groups became blurred until in the end we were all one international group working together for the same goals. We were puppets who had our strings pulled by global puppet masters based in the city of London.
Most levels of the intelligence agencies are not loyal to the people of the country they are based in and see themselves as 'super national'. It had been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the CIA has been bringing in most of the drugs into America for the last fifty years (see ex LAPD officer Michael Rupert's From the Wilderness website for proof).
The CIA operates under orders from British intelligence and was created by British intelligence in 1947. The CIA today is still loyal to the international bankers based in the city of London and the global elite aristocratic families like the Rothschilds and the Windsor's.
Since it was first started, M-I6 has always brought drugs into Britain. They do not bring “some” of the drugs into Britain but I would estimate M-I6 bring in around ninety percent of the drugs in. They do this by pulling the strings of many organised crime and terrorist groups and these groups like the IRA are full of M-I6 agents.
M-I6 bring in heroin from the middle east, cocaine from south America and cannabis from morocco as well as other places. British intelligence also designed and created the drug LSD in the 1950's through places like the Tavistock Institute in London. By the 1960's M-I5, M-I6 and the CIA were using LSD as a weapon against the angry protestors of the sixties and turned them into 'flower children' who were too tripped out to organise a revolution.
Dr Timothy Leary the LSD guru of the sixties was a CIA puppet. Funds and drugs for Leary's research came from the CIA and Leary says that Cord Meyer, the CIA agent in charge of funding the sixties LSD counter culture has"helped me to understand my political cultural role more clearly".
In 1998, I was sent 3000 LSD doses on blotting paper by M-I5 with pictures of the European union flag on them. The M-I5 man who sent them told my father this was a government 'signature' and this LSD was called 'Europa'.
This global drugs trade controlled by British intelligence is worth at least £500 billion a year. This is more than the global oil trade and the economy in Britain and America is totally dependent on this drug money.
Mafia crime boss John Gotti exposed the situation when asked in court if he was involved in drug trafficking. He replied "No we can't compete with the government". I believe this was only a half truth because the mafia and the CIA are the same group at the upper levels.
In Britain, the M-I6 drug money is laundered through the Bank of England, Barclays Bank and other household name companies. The drug money is passed from account to account until its origins are lost in a huge web of transactions. The drug money comes out 'cleaner' but not totally clean.
Diamonds are then bought with this money from the corrupt diamond business families like the Oppenheimers. These diamonds are then sold and the drug money is clean. M-I6 and the CIA are also responsible for the crack cocaine epidemic in Britain and America.
In 1978, M-I6 and the CIA were in south America researching the effects of the natives smoking 'basuco' cocaine paste. This has the same effect as crack cocaine. They saw that the strength and addiction potential was far greater than ordinary cocaine and created crack cocaine from the basuco formula. M-I6 and the CIA then flooded Britain and America with crack. Two years later, in 1980, Britain and America were starting to see the first signs of the crack cocaine epidemic on the streets.
On august 23, 1987, in a rural community south of Little Rock in America, two teenage boys named Kevin Ives and Don Henry were murdered and dismembered after witnessing a CIA cocaine drop that was part of a CIA drug trafficking operation based at a small airport in Mena, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas at the time.
Bill Clinton was involved with the CIA at this time and $100 million worth of cocaine was coming through the Mena, Arkansas airport each month. For proof see the books Compromise and Dope Inc.
On my father's international M-I6 drug runs, whatever fell off the back of the lorry so to speak he would keep and we would sell it in Britain. As long as my father was meeting the speedboats from Morocco in the Costa del Sol and then moving the lorry loads of cannabis through their MI6, IRA lorry business into Britain every month, British intelligence were happy. As long as my father was moving shipments of cocaine out of Rome every month, M-I5 and M-I6 were happy. If my father kept a bit to sell himself no one cared because there was enough drugs and money to go round in this £500 billion a year global drugs trade.
The ones who were really paying were the people addicted. Who were paying with suffering. But karma always catches up and both myself and my father became addicted to heroin in later years and my father died addicted, and poor in prison under very strange circumstances. Today, I am clean and drug-free and wish to help stop the untold suffering this global drugs trade causes.
The intelligence agencies have always used addictive drugs as a weapon against the masses to bring in their long term plan for a one world government, a one world police force designed to be NATO and a micro chipped population known as the New World Order. As the population is in a drug or alcohol-induced trance watching 'Coronation Street', the new world order is being crept in behind them.
To properly expose this global intelligence run drugs trade we need to expose the key players in this area
1- Tibor Rosenbaum, a MOSSAD agent and head of the Geneva based Banque du Credit international. This bank was the forerunner to the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce international (BCCI) which is a major intelligence drug money laundering bank.
Life magazine exposed Rosenbaum's bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lanksky American organised crime family, and Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported Permindex, the MI6 assassination unit which was at the heart of the John F. Kennedy assassination.
2- Robert Vesco, sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothschilds and part of the American connection to the Medellin drug cartel in Columbia.
3- Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British intelligence, now living in south Africa (and every head of M-I5 and M-I6 has been involved in the drug world before and after him).
4- Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson which is one of the biggest drug trafficking operations in the world. His brother John Keswick is chairman of the Bank of England.
5- Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb, Bank of England director from 1987 to 1995, Barclays Bank Deputy Chairman in 1985, Telegraph newspapers director in 1986 (This is the reason why this can of worms doesn't get out in the mainstream media. The people who are perpetrating these crimes control most of the mainstream media. In America former director of the CIA William Casey is head of the council of the media network ABC. Many insiders refer to ABC as "The CIA network".)
6- George Bush, Snr, former President and former head of the CIA and America's leading drug baron who has fronted more wars on drugs than any other president. Which in reality is just a method to eliminate competition. A whole book could be written on George Bush's involvement in the global drug trade but it is well-covered in the book Dark Alliance by investigative journalist Gary Webb. Gary Webb was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the back of his head with a revolver. The case was declared a "suicide". You figure that out.
Gary Webb as well as myself and other investigators, found that much of this "black ops" drug money is being used to fund projects classified above top secret. These projects include the building and maintaining of deep level underground bases in Dulce in New Mexico, Pine gap in Australia, Snowy mountains in Australia, The Nyala range in Africa, west of Kindu in Africa, next to the Libyan border in Egypt, Mount Blanc in Switzerland, Narvik in Scandinavia, Gottland island in Sweden and many other places around the world (more about these underground bases in my next issue).
The information on this global drugs trade run by the intelligence agencies desperately needs to get out on a large scale. Any information, comments or feedback to help me with my work would be greatly welcomed.
James Casbolt- St Ives, Cornwall

11-The Cult of the Serpent

The Cult of the Serpent
Original Source Anonymous:
29 Mar 1995

As for the covert space operations that are being carried out by various top-secret organizations within the U.S. government, they are based on a combination of "alien" technology recovered from numerous crash-retrievals of aerial disks, while other aspects are based on prototype and state-of-the-art Military-Industrial technologies developed by well-known U.S. companies.
These advanced technologies include anti-gravity generators and electromagnetic propulsion systems and massive top-secret space efforts which have largely been financed through deception and through hundreds of billions of dollars which have generously (although unknowingly) been provided via black budgets by hard-working American taxpayers.

Dennis Brunnell, a 33rd degree Mason and a Grandmaster in the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) had become dis-illusioned by the Illuminati's present activities. Originally believing that the Illuminati was a mystic lodge designed to illuminate one into mystical heights of ascended awareness, he eventually learned that such metaphysical talk was just so much hot-air designed to gain the willing assistance of lower-ranking lodge members, who were unknowingly being manipulated into serving the hypocritical, self-seeking and self-serving imperialistic goals of a relatively small inner core of illumined members.
Some years ago a man by the name of John Todd, a member of a family who were high-level and generational members of a druidic witchcraft cult, alleged that through his occult contacts he was chosen to be initiated into a deep-level Illuminati lodge. He claimed that in doing so he had to ‘unlearn’ much of the wiccan philosophies which he was taught at a young age. These occult teachings were merely a means, he soon found out, of this inner core of initiates to control the lower ranks of the lodge. This inner core, which consisted of 13 individuals, were (he claims) the leaders of all the large wiccan/witchcraft organizations as well as the leaders of World Freemasonry. These men controlled both movements from their lofty positions, along with much of the world's drug trafficking, and had powerful influence in world economic and political movements.
Mr. Todd soon learned that this inner core were continually fearful that the lower-ranking members of the occult societies would turn against them if the lower members ever found out that this inner council were merely using these “lower pawns” to increase their own wealth and their god-like power and authority over the rest of humanity. The Rothschilds of London, he also learned, were at the very heart of this conspiracy, along with the Jesuits in Rome. The Rothschilds were considered to be "human gods" by many occultists and, according to Mr. Todd, "were in constant communication with Lucifer, who they themselves considered to be God".

[Obs. – A idéia de "estar em comunicação" não necessariamente precisa ser tomada ao pé da letra aqui, podendo simbolizar uma instauração religiosa. Em alguns depoimentos, membros atuais do clã Rothschild são vistos como reais sacerdotes de um culto/ ritual/ religião, que prega a seleção dos melhores na humanidade e absoluta obediência hierárquica dos "escolhidos". Esta visão religiosa pouco difere da instauração do deus Yaveh no Talmud, um deus também bastante despótico, que exige plena fidelidade, e que divide a humanidade entre "escolhidos" e "humanos-gado", estes a serem escravizados.
Conforme visto, os Rothschilds, descendentes de caucasianos khazares convertidos ao Talmud, não são Hebreus. A interpretação sobre o iniciático das sociedades secretas despóticas atinge um ponto crucial aqui, ao se constatar que tanto o Sionismo quanto o Nazismo partem da configuração original iniciática, manipulatória, que impõe seleção dos melhores e hierarquia mortal, absoluta, mudando-se, a cada instância, o gênero daqueles que são os "escolhidos". Esta seria a matrix "Illuminati". Não é de surpreender que, com estes termos, a "matrix" tenha seduzido sionistas, nazistas, banqueiros e outros econômicamente poderosos, governantes, a franco-maçonaria, jesuítas, o crime organizado, e até mesmo setores dentro da ditadura comunista na URSS (e China?).
Devido à formação anti-comunista do cidadão médio norte-americano, é comum nesses relatos empíricos apresentados, a confusão entre setores ditatoriais e fascistas nos regimes comunistas, em eventual colaboração com os Illuminati, e o movimento comunista de Marx e Engels como um todo. Não há dúvidas de que, na ausência de uma ação de esquerda marxista organizada nos EUA, são os próprios conservadores, os defensores dos valores originais de fundação da nação, de ética protestante, que fazem a crítica da Nova Ordem Mundial, assim como o centro liberal.
A alegada presença de Karl Marx em reuniões dos Illuminati de Weishaupt, na Bavária, deve ser acompanhada do esclarecimento de que ele teria deixado o local considerando com desprezo as teses propostas, segundo testemunhos internos da ordem O.T.O.. Esta ordem, fundada pelo mago Aleister Crowley, com grande aporte de capital dos banqueiros de Londres no início do século, não significa uma ordem "templária", mas uma ordem do Templo do Oriente.
Da mesma forma, o apoio financeiro e passaporte político recebido por Lênin por parte de banqueiros na Suiça, e o mesmo apoio recebido por Trotski por banqueiros "judeus" em Wall Street, foi consequência do interesse dos banqueiros em derrubar a nova República... assim como a Monarquia, sua prioridade inicial. Não há dúvidas de que nem Lênin, ou Trostski, realmente estavam se deixando cooptar pelos "capitalistas", nem estes apoiavam o socialismo revolucionário. Essa é uma questão que indica o cuidado com que deve ser observado o tabuleiro estratégico mundial, a partir da política do referido grupo hegemônico despótico.
Em relação à imagem que se têm das Ordens Templárias é motivo de confusão o fato de que uma dessas ordens no séc. XIII descobriu na Líbia [sic Van Helsing] documentos hebreus do tempo de Jesus, que indicavam que Jesus pregara contra o deus Yaveh, isto é, contra "Lucifer"... Daí segue um certo prestígio do templarismo como defensor da religião autêntica, contra o fascismo católico, sendo perseguido por sua iniciação "libertária".]

Brunnell alleged that some within the Illuminati were so heartless as to believe that their socialist “World Order” must be brought about even if the orchestrating of wars, etc., had to be accomplished in order to create the conditions necessary for establishing it... Or, in other words, that the end justified the means. These lost souls were and are apparently convinced that they have the divine right to decide the fate of nations, and that the masses of humanity exist for no other reason than to serve their cause. They consider themselves “gods” and the rest of humanity as “mere mortals”.

Gemstone Paper
One of Dennis Brunnell's gemstone research papers (which also described the Mafia-CIA-Oil Company connection to the John F. Kennedy assassination, confirming the original gemstone reports of Bruce Roberts) included a scenario developed by Kissinger and other Illuminists in the early 1980's or before. This scenario showed one such proposed plan as to how war could be used to bring the United States – the last obstacle standing in the way of absolute Illuminati rule of the world – into subjection to the one-world socialist state. This scenario, possibly one of many developed, was in the form of a speech given by a U.S. President.
Cited as a very possible candidate to this “speech” was George Bush. (This was years before Bush became Vice-President [1980], which suggests that Brunnell was in fact tapped into some very sensitive information).
It was basically written as a possible emergency adress to the nation which would supposedly take place after years of American involvement in an – Illuminati orchestrated? - war in the Middle East. The scenario continued as “the President” informs the nation that, due to the long drawn-out (Korea/Vietnam like no-win) war which has depleted our national resources, a certain Executive Order was to be issued for the “good of the nation” which would result in practically all private agencies coming under the absolute control of the Federal Government. In short, according to this scenario, if such a plan was carried out then the entire nation could be brought under absolute socialist control in one night.

Such a scenario may not be too far-fetched when we realize the following:
1) George Bush was, during his years at Yale University, initiated into the Skull & Bones society, also known as the “Brotherhood of Death”. According to prominent political and financial analysts such as Antony Sutton, there is much documentation to suggest that Skull & Bones is nothing less than a Western branch of the Bavarian Illuminati, designed to recruit highly-educated individuals into serving it's cause.
2) George Bush served as The Director of the Cia for several years, which, according to various sources, is actually serving the one-world movement.
3) Bush has very close ties with one-world organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R.), Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Alpine Institute, etc.
4) Before Ronald Reagan “chose” a running mate, according to the late Gary Allen, he was approached at a political convention by the duo of Walter Cronkite and Henry Kissinger, both alleged Illuminists, and “strongly encouraged” to choose George Bush as his running mate, as Bush was well-favored by the International Banking Establishment of Wallstreet.
5) The Bush family is very rich and are heavily involved in high-profit, offshore oil drilling companies.
6) Also, when news of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait - where the Bush family's oil business had some vested interests - reached America, George Bush was at the one-world ASPEN Institute of Colorado visiting with Margaret Thatcher. Bush's decision to rally the nations together by sending our young men and women to fight and die for the New World Order, was based on advice he received from officials at the one-world Aspen Institute. Although Operation Desert Storm was a well-planned and well master-minded attack, the fact nevertheless remains that we were fighting to defend the New World Order and the oil interests (whereas we only get a very small percentage of our oil from Kuwait) and not to defend the constitutional United States. This war was a two-sided event. Even though the motive may have been other than in harmony with America's best interests in that (like Korea and Vietnam) it was fought for the Socialist-oriented United Nations; some good nevertheless came out of it, in essence, that America was able to defend Israel from an aggressive enemy, something which Almighty God most likely honored.
However the target, Saddam Hussain, escaped free while tens of thousands of his subjects, so many pawns in a huge game of chess, had to pay the price with their lives.

[Obs.: O cidadão anônimo aqui (assim como seu comentador Branton), como um leitor bíblico, cristão e patriota, faz transbordar todo o cenário de crenças e de valores que são seus próprios fundamentos pessoais e sociais. Esta reação valorativa é o que se poderia esperar aqui, quando seu relatório, enquanto possibilidade de texto de conhecimento, do interesse da cidadania, passa a agregar o cenário valorativo, como expressão de um ponto de vista da cidadania. Ainda assim, não deixa de ter significação, como amostra sociológica e como depoimento civil a ser relido criticamente.
O mesmo é válido em relação a todas as outras fontes civis que se seguem, cujos pronunciamentos – registradas pelo cidadão anônimo – apareceram em publicações regionais ou de mala-postal.]

Notice also Bush's constant references to the New World Order – a concept which is a mockery of the Declaration of Independence which our forefathers shed their blood to defend.
True, we must as a nation not ignore the rest of the world, yet at the same time we should not surrender ourselves to the rest of the world either, but preserve the American Republic as a bastion of Freedom to which the oppressed of all nations can take refuge.
The reason we are so critical of this particular presidency is because we believe that the secret government - utilizing it's influence in mass-media control, manipulated Bush into office in a direct perversion of the electoral process. In other words, through the fantastic media power which they wielded, the one-worlders snuffed out the competition.
However, we must not fall into the trap of pointing the finger at any one person, as Bush happens to be only one link in a very large and very powerful secret government chain which, as we have seen, has sold out much of this planet to The Beast. Bush, like many misled insiders, was no doubt largely a product of his environment, as well as a member of a generational Establishment family, and more-or-less a puppet or voicebox of secret government policy.
There were, nevertheless, less-than-honorable motives on the part of the United States in it's decision to fight in the Gulf War (see: Youth Action News - Oct. 1990., Box 312., Alexandria, VA 22313). This source gives much evidence that Bush and Company more-or-less 'encouraged' the Kuwaiti invasion and, when faced with irrefutable proof that such an invasion was coming, did absolutely nothing to warn the Kuwaitis or the Iraqis against such an invasion. Was Bush and Company willing to risk the lives of thousands of people just so his One World Government could be established and a 'trial run' of the global U.N. Police Force could be initiated?.

According to Dr. John Coleman (World Intelligence Review, Box 426., Metairie, LA 70004), the ancient Babylonian Serpent Cult, or what is known today as the Illuminati (33rd degree Freemasonry) is under the direct control of some very nefarious forces. Coleman in fact provides much evidence that 33rd degree Masonry has been used not only to infiltrate and take over many political, economic and religious institutions, but has also been used to ‘create’ such institutions as well, organizations to which people will flock and submit their power and energies to unknowingly serve an agenda that they know nothing about. This was and is carried out through the 22 Palladium Lodges which, according to various sources, can be traced back to the Grand Masonic Lodge in England.
According to Coleman and many others, the Grandmasters of Masonry and of Jesuitism (i.e. the Illuminati) are working together in this conspiracy. In many cases the individuals involved are both Jesuits and Masonic initiates. Such was the case of Guisseppi Mazzini, who was a Jesuit-Mason, and a satanist-witch to boot, and was second-in-command to the Masonic “Pontiff” Albert Pike – whose rotting remains now lie beneath the “House of the Temple” in Washington D.C.
(see Dr. Coleman's tapes: Conspiracy Cults and the One World Government, And Freemasonry and the One World Conspiracy).
Other works that may be very revealing along this line, as we indicated earlier, are the writings of former 33rd degree Mason and former Past Master of all Scottish-Rite Masonic bodies, the Rev. Jim Shaw. This is especially true with his book The Deadly Deception, Rev. Jim Shaw – P.O. Box 884., Silver Springs, FL 32688.
In this work, Mr. Shaw exposes the blatant serpent worship secretly taking place within the Masonic House Of The Temple in Washington D.C. Mix this with the accounts of "Masonic" street-outlays built into Washington D.C. itself and accounts of tunnels beneath the city which connect many of the important Federal buildings and which allegedly extend to extreme depths and distances, then you have a recipe for something very strange and sinister which is undermining our nations capitol. No wonder the Christian-Patriots within the American Republic have had to fight 'the enemy within' for so long with so little apparent results from their efforts

This connection was recently described in a mailer describing Val Valerian's book Matrix III (c/o Leading Edge Research., P.O. Box 481-MU58., Yelm, WASH 98597).

Part of this mailer states:
Interspersed with the material comes a host of data, supplementary material, interviews, and revealing information. The Final Scenario is discussed relative to the New World Order and the plans for total economic control, a one-world religion, and the electronic mind control objectives, schools of thought, and research.
MATRIX III brings out in detail how various families in the United States and Europe are also involved in a scenario which has as its main tenet the suppression and elimination of human beings on many levels – a scenario which includes worldwide traffic of drugs, vast laundering of drug money by national banks of several countries, and assassination and murder. These are the people who arranged and supported all the wars.
There is discussion of the Bush family, and how Prescott Bush assisted the finance and management of the Nazi empire – the so-called Hitler project...